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Intended to nurture the talent at an early age, special program to groom cricket students aged between 10-18 years is in place. Curriculum is set to develop all round skills for initial days then moving to specialized performance area based on personal preference and Coach's observation. This brings forth the inherent talent of young kids with exposure to competitive cricket. The preferred area of performance is picked in the early days of coaching itself and added attention to physical fitness and endurance development is provided. The objective is to turn starters into performers and further achievers with significant development of cricketing skills combined with physical, mental, and tactical acumen and endurance to achieve the best on the field.

The schedule and fee structure is as below,

Age Group: 10 to 18 Years

Training Days : Monday to Saturday

Training Time : 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Fee: Rs. 3000/- Per Month (Including Transport Facility)