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SS Cricket training



Based on IDEA curriculum approach, which is specifically intended to Identify the inherent talent, Developing the same with proper guidance, Exposing it to testing fields, and Assessing the results for further modifications. With concentrated efforts by the grooming team on these earmarked areas, the results can be analyzed with clarity and perfection. To this effect, following assistive methods are used,

Cricket practicing With Coach

Individual Analysis

SSCC Academy puts efforts on attending pupils on one-to-one basis to ensure that their queries are being given proper attention. To enable this, trainer-trainee ratio is capped for optimum attention.

SS Cricket students

Theoretical Sessions

SSCC Academy works towards wholesome development of a disciple. The theory sessions are designed to enrich members with cricketing knowledge which when combined with physical skills can produce excellent results.

SS Cricket Player Mental training.

Physical and Mental Training

Besides coaching on gaming aspects, Academy also instills physical and mental training to develop physical and mental endurance for sports in particular and life in general.

SS Cricket Player Batting practicing

Match Practice

To check and assess member's readiness and skill improvement vis-à-vis training, regular matches with formidable opponents are arranged. It is ensured that these matches follow the prevalent practices as defined by ICC to keep boys aware of the rules and standards formal matches follow.

cricket academy player

Catching & Fielding

Raising standards of physical agility around the cricketing world translating into superior fielding performances on field, has made fielding and catching an equally important aspect of the game. SSCC's natural surroundings and heavy turf makes rigorous fielding training sessions possible the way it is being done internationally.

Sports player Health Checkup

Video Analysis

Detailed after-practice/after-match video analysis of particular talent to identify even minute flaws is being done to correct and improve the skills. This is an additional feature, which comes handy when Coach decides to put attention on an specific area of improvement.


SSCC in its relentless effort to equip Academy with state-of-the-art equipments for training purposes, is either currently equipped with or in process of procuring the very essential modern apparatuses needed for proper training. Some of these are,

Cricket bat

Fusion Bat

The Fusion Fielding Practice Bat is a revolutionary new fielding apparatus. It is a bat with a high rebound face making it ideal for practicing short & high catches as well as other fielding drills. This is currently being used by a lot many international and first class teams around the globe.

SS Cricket Sport Club Net practice

Crazy Catcher

Crazy Catcher is a unique fielding practice and reflex trainer with a double-rebound net enabling it with unpredictable and predictable ball returns with intensity acceleration on input value. Practicing via Crazy Catcher enhance reflexes for catches coming from shorter distances.

Bolling Match Practicing

Catching Board

Catching board is a portable yet practical device to help fielders practice their catches. It produces random deflections after impact and presents match like unpredictable scenarios even during practice.

Cricket Player Machine Batting practicing

Bowling Machine

Ultra modern digital bowling machine with match ball pace delivery up to 170 Km/Hour. The machine could provide various swing and pitching levels as well as spinning variations.

At macro infrastructural level,

SS Cricket arena Ground


Splendidly laid greenery, manicured to perfection, in a try to give players feel of any reasonable international arena. Full 65 yards around the wickets to match up world standards with perfectly demarcated close-infield, infield and outfield areas.

Cricket Pitch

Turf Wickets

With inputs from and under observation of renowned wicket geniuses, SSCC's turf wickets (10 in total) are specifically built to withstand continuous rigors of matches and practice. A dedicated maintenance team makes it a point that they remain in shape for regular use.

SS Cricket Player Training


Separate practice zone comprises more than adequate netted wickets for both Academy/Club members as well as individuals/teams/clubs/corporates opting to sharpen their skills through rented net sessions. The Academy currently possess seven turf wickets along with two cements wicket for nets.