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In lines with the mission of SSCC, the venue is available for any entity, be small or big, willing to explore the benefits of Sports. Isolated yet easily approachable location makes SSCC an ideal Arena to host corporate, institutional, club or group sporting sessions and events. The imposing Ralamandal Hills adjacent to the Arena makes the venue both unique and exciting. The Arena is amply equipped with practice and performance areas to accommodate multiple sessions at the same time. Netted zone is with 6 turf and 2 concrete wickets with floodlights and bowling machine, whereas match zone is with 5 all-weather turf wickets of international standards. A thoughtfully designed drainage mechanism is capable of flushing the ground in two hours even after a good bout of rain. Separate practice, match, and training areas make uninterrupted sessions possible even for a heavy attendance.

Rental structure is affordable and flexible for interested individuals and/or establishments for periodic or regular practice sessions as well as matches. SSCC operating management is continuously adding features to Arena in efforts to make your experience a memorable one.