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Brotherhood     ~     Camaraderie     ~     Discipline. Spirit of a Sportsman, Principles of a Commune!


SS Cricket Academy: Your Premier Cricket Training Destination

The core objective of SS Cricket Academy is to guide and assist young Cricketers, where they can develop their skills to face challenges of organized competitive Cricket. To accomplish this, a strategic approach based on IDEA training program is incorporated with the help of professional coaches of repute. IDEA is a representative acronym for Identifying basic talent, Developing it to optimum performance level, Exposing it to testing field, and Assessing the results for modification and perfection. Besides this, guiding tips and routines on healthy diet, conduct, values, physical strength, mental toughness, and strategy building are given to prepare the individual for a better tomorrow. A very prominent feature of the Commune is to provide members with the ability to concentrate better on the goals set, be in Sports or social and professional lives. This is achieved via group and individual meditation sessions to channelize the abundant youthful energy of a sportsman into ethical productive output.

Academy hosts both year-round development programs for different age brackets as well as seasonal camps to accommodate talent, which cannot afford year-round training programs. Commune's Social Responsibility Initiative enables it to pick special talents from economically challenged classes for free training and exposure programs.

Besides coaching and mentoring from in-house coaching staff, physical trainers, sports medicine and psychology experts, regular visits of national and international personalities from cricketing and other sporting world is also on calendar to keep members guided and inspired towards their goals.